Creativity Coaching

That Which Awakens Me: Kreative Grooviness by Ananda Leeke

Every person is born with a spark of creativity that can awaken them to an amazing life. Throughout life’s journey people find that their creative spark needs nourishment, guidance, and support. Creativity coaching is one way people can nurture their creative spark. A creativity coach provides a listening ear, nurturing, guidance, support, and education. A creativity coach also empowers people to dream and live in a much bigger and better way so they can fully realize and enjoy who they were created to be: fabulous folks with creative sparks that add tremendous light to the universe!

As a creativity coach, Ananda Leeke taps into her 20 years of experience as an author, artist, entrepreneur, innerpreneur, and workshop facilitator to help clients:

  • Identify, understand, and embrace their archetypes including their inner critic;
  • Confront and overcome their fears, doubts, and obstacles that prevent them from completing their creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures;
  • Map out their goals and timelines for creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures;
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan to accomplish their goals;
  • Incorporate the appropriate social media tools and strategies that will promote their creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures.

Leeke’s clients include creative professionals (artists, authors, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, and singers) and entrepreneurs in the United States and Europe.  Click here to watch a short video of her discussing her creative journey at Ignite DC in June 2010.

She uses email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, in-person and telephone meetings,, Google Hangout, and Skype to communicate with her clients. She also uses to conduct video coaching workshop sessions on creativity. They are based on workshop exercises contained in her book, That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery (2009 – available on

She is available to serve as a coach, workshop facilitator, and/or guest speaker about creativity for conferences and other events.  For more information, contact or 202.607.3509.

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